The Meta-Environment - DevelopmentTools

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If you are a developer in the Meta-Environment team you will need the following tools installed:

The use of some of these tools is explained in the Build Environment document and the Version Management document.

For your convenience, we have bundled the appropriate versions of automake, autoconf and libtool in the following package. Please install it and add the installation directory to your PATH before doing anything else:

Secondly, all Meta-Environment packages use the meta-build-env package in order to standardize on how the above tools are used, and in order to prevent code cloning between packages in for example files. After installing meta-autotools, please also install meta-build-env and add it to your path:

Thirdly, the package meta-javatools contains tools relevant for building and testing Java packages. Currently, only junit.jar is required to be in your CLASSPATH.

Finally, for dealing with the complexity of depending source code packages, there is a tool called Sisyphus. It can be used to recursively configure and compile depending source packages and other repetitive tasks on source code. You will need to install ruby, rubygems, and subversion prior to installing Sisyphus:

Remember that all Meta-Environment packages are compiled and installed with the following script:

./configure --prefix=yourprefix --enable-maintainer-mode
make install