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SDF (Syntax Definition Formalism)


The primary reference for SDF is now

The Meta-Environment team has always made SDF available as a separately distributable and usable product. Due to this policy, SDF is now used by many different projects and people. Now, we also present SDF on its own website.


SDF is a Syntax Definition Formalism with the following features:

This implies that if you have a grammar for some programming language (say COBOL or Java) and you want to combine it with the grammar of some embedded language (say, SQL) then you can just combine the two grammars without further ado. Shift/reduce conflicts are a matter of the past!

SDF is implemented in two parts:

An SDF definition consists of a grammar and some disambiguation constructs. These are used to generate a parsetable that the SGLR tool uses to parse an input file to a parse forest. Optionally, it may be needed to filter the result of SGLR such that a unique parse tree is obtained. SGLR outputs parse trees in the ATerm format. This parse architecture is thus as follows:


Experiment with SDF using the Online SDF Demo.

The Meta-Environment ships with a grammar library containing various languages (C, Java, COBOL, ...). Other online sources for SDF grammars are:

After parsing, you can manipulate parse trees in any language:

The Meta-Environment includes the latest release of SDF. It offers:

Online documentation


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