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New developments

Please note that the team of The Meta-Environment has shifted its attention to the development of Rascal, which is intended to fulfill all requirements ASF+SDF users have had and much more. This means that ASF+SDF Meta-Environment will be distributed from this site for a while longer, but no active development is going on anymore. All the activity is at

The Meta-Environment is

a framework for language development, source code analysis and source code transformation consisting of:

The Meta-Environment is an open framework that

The Meta-Environment is a generalization of the ASF+SDF Meta-Environment that has been successfully used in a wide variety of analysis, transformation and renovation projects.

Usage scenarios

The Meta-Environment can be used for many different purposes, including:

See our extensive online user Documentation.


To facilitate reuse of components of The Meta-Environment by other toolkits, they are available through a number of different interfaces:

Each component is released separately for inclusion in other products. See ApiDocumentation for a list of components.